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A photograhic stroll through Diamond Tail

A private gated community offering pristine open space, gorgeous views, and a peaceful lifestyle that is warm and welcoming.

Diamond Tail - views from the roundabout before the front gate
Diamond Tail Front Gate
A Custom Home at Diamond Tail
Views from Shooting Star Corral (Star Park)
Hiking on Rocky Ridge Trail
Views from Rocky Ridge Trail
Montezuma Crest Trail
Claret Cactus Flowers
Big Starry Nights at Diamond Tail
Wildhorse Ridge
Outdoor living with friends and family
Wild horse in the open space at Diamond Tail
Sunrise Trail at Diamond Tail
Sunflowers at Diamond Tail
Evening red rock glow toward Ortiz Mountains
The entrance to Shooting Star Corral (Star Park)
Paintbrush Trail
Biking at Diamond Tail

Call to schedule a Tour!        505-492-2015

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