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Interior Design That Reflects Your Unique Self - 2022 Design Trends

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

“Great Reasons for Building a Custom Home” – Article II

“A custom home is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with your unique ideas.”

If designing the interior of your custom home feels daunting, you’ll be happy to know that most builders work directly with professional interior designers so you’ll have expert advice as you move through the process of picking themes, styles, patterns, and colors.

Interior design is best described as decorating a home’s interior to improve the experience of one’s living space. It must be functional, but also reflect the personality and personal style of the homeowner. Interior design can be both structural (spatial layout, materials, and built-in fixtures) as well as decorative (paint colors, furniture selection and layout, and decorative accents). Depending on the design, a space can feel expansive or claustrophobic. Depending on the colors, a space can feel calming or invigorating. So, it’s no surprise that a well-designed interior space can lead to a happier and healthier life.

There are a wide variety of interior design styles and you may find that more than one appeals to you. Southwest, rustic, chic, traditional, industrial, modern, mid-century, and eclectic are a few you may be familiar with. A great first step is to look through home and interior design media whether it be online or a magazine. Another good idea would be to create a Pinterest board of the images that catch your attention. Once you’ve amassed a large number of images, see if you can find a trend – such as a set of colors or a specific style.

If you’re not sure where to go first, I suggest visiting a few of the websites listed below that offer pictures of beautiful spaces that will get your creating ideas flowing.

· Interior Design: Interior Design stays on top of what’s trending in the industry. It covers everything from interior design ideas to the latest in material innovation. This website also features a “Research” section for anyone who wants more in-depth information.

· Decorilla: This platform provides interior design solutions for both home and business owners across the country. It shares exceptional before and after images for interior design inspiration and ideas. Make sure to check out their award-winning blog.

· Home Designing: This is an all-inclusive site that covers every avenue worthy of inspiration. It includes homes, product and furniture design, wall colors, technology, and house plans of designs of the future.

· Jessica Helgerson Interior Design: This firm has both a deep appreciation for historical architecture and a love for the playful nature of modern design. As a result, its interiors are rich in tradition and full of fresh aesthetics.

· Elle Décor: Elle Decor combines the best of interior decorating websites into one platform. Here, designers and the general public can dive into many topics. With breathtaking house tours, renovations, product reviews, and even celebrity styles – inspiration is guaranteed. Elle Decor shows the best of the best in the industry right now.

· Pinterest: Pinterest offers a platform for a wide variety of interior designers to showcase their work and ideas. On Pinterest you can create a personal board and pin all of the images that catch your attention.

When you look for interior design ideas, make sure to keep the following categories in mind:

· Cabinetry

· Counter tops

· Walls (tile, paint, wall coverings)

· Flooring (hardwood, vinyl, tile, cement, brick, carpet)

· Cabinetry and shelving

· Counter tops (granite, quartz, marble, coriander, concrete, butcher block)

· Plumbing fixtures (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room)

· Lighting fixtures and ceiling fans

· Fireplace design

· Interior doors & hardware

· Base, case & ceiling details



Families have a new appreciation for their living space and are spending more time cooking over the past 2 years, largely influenced by the pandemic. With the kitchen often being the focal point in a home, it’s no wonder that big changes are taking place to liven up this family hub.

Color Customization and Multiple Colors and Finishes: One of the upcoming trends in 2022 involves mixing different finish colors for a completely unique look. Visualize a kitchen island with white cabinets in the center and light green-toned cabinets at the edges. Now add the natural wood lower cabinets against the west wall that are finished in a neutral stain. It’s all about creating an interesting design by combining different bits and pieces. Green tones seem to be on the rise in 2022. This nature-inspired color represents rejuvenation and renewal.

Oak Wood: Oak wood cabinetry is starting to creep back into the kitchen and bathroom marketplace with Cerused and driftwood finishes. Oak cabinetry is versatile in its look from seaside or French cottage to clean modern simplicity or a standard rustic look, often creating a connection to the natural elements. For this reason, oak wood - despite its stigma with the past - is becoming a more popular option in cabinetry construction.

Cabinets: Kitchen cabinetry is not just for storage - it’s an essential element to your kitchen’s overall style. While simplicity and minimalism continue to be popular, some may prefer unique customized styles that will make a clear statement. Although solid wood doors are sometimes preferred, materials like wood veneer and painted MDF are now more common than ever in cabinet door construction. This minimalism trend is likely to continue into 2022 and beyond. These modern cabinets are free of the ornate design work often found in traditional cabinet door styles, featuring a recessed panel door with smooth edge profiles and simple clean lines, offering only the simplest of design elements. Even the handles themselves come in low profile styles, not demanding too much attention.

Open Shelving: This can be a stylish option if you have a matching set of dinnerware or specialty pieces you want to display. Organization and simplicity are key here as it can easily look cluttered if too much is stacked on each shelf. Open shelving introduces a light and airy feel - offering the illusion of more space - which is especially great in smaller kitchens.

Kitchen Sink: Single bowl sinks are popular these days with farmhouse type sinks being the most sought after due to their large, deep sizes that allow for more comfortable use, as well as style. It’s not uncommon to have a smaller prep sink next to the single bowl or on the kitchen island.

Lighting: The lighting in your kitchen can transform the room, taking it from dull to designer worthy. You may opt for ambient lighting under the cabinets or shelving, or you could incorporate a fixture that makes a statement. LED lighting is a popular choice due to their energy efficiency, making them a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly choice for a room that needs adequate illumination.


For many, the bathroom is meant to be a retreat - somewhere to escape to for an energizing shower or a relaxing warm bath. There are simple design additions, like bringing in a plant to induce the warm feeling of nature or placing a vintage chair next to the bath for relaxing after a hot soak, that create the desired, inviting environment. Whether you prefer a more minimalist style or all-out spa, there are infinite design trends to inspire you.

Warmer Colors: You can expect a shift away from grey cabinets and walls - both in the bathroom and kitchen areas. Warmer tones such as beige, tan, terracotta, and wood will be the new neutral.

Fun Patterns: Some designers say that all-white bathrooms are a thing of the past. A master or guest bathroom is the perfect opportunity to go bold with a saturated color or fun pattern.

A Mix of Old and New: You may opt for classic designs when it comes to tile and marble, but don’t forget to incorporate those “fresh elements” too. Colorful millwork or vanities, mid-century inspired lighting, and smart storage like full length niches and vanities with drawers, are a few ideas for mixing the old with the new.

Plaster: There is something so clean and chic about a shower being fully plastered versus seeing those little grout lines everywhere with tile. From a maintenance point of view, it's also so much easier to keep clean and you don't have issues with grout turning yellow or chipping away.

And More: From storage spaces to including wood accents, or adding dule-headed showers, sauna or underfloor heating, more thought is given to the loo than ever before.


The decoration of the bedroom is something very personal. Some people need a quiet and relaxing atmosphere promoting rest and sleep, others prefer a bright, energizing environment that breathes life into each morning upon rising. If you opt for the integration of bright colors, it is recommended to use pops of vibrant hues in small details, such as the decorative floor or bed pillows or quilt, and keep to more neutral or blended tones elsewhere.

Mixing Patterns: Perfect matching is losing favor in 2022. Instead, bedroom decorating is beginning to celebrate the imperfect. Making small decor changes is also an easy way to practice mixing styles, patterns, and fabrics. Scatter pillows, for instance, are a safe place for change - or you can enliven your bedroom with a blend of different stripes, patterns, and textures throughout. The key is to look for harmony rather than symmetry.

Comfort Comes First: Aesthetics certainly matter, but comfort trumps all else in 2022. The focus has turned from embellishment to the essential items that make a room a soothing sanctuary. Soft surfaces, deep cushions, and plush bedding are the future of bedroom design. These materials show that peace, rest, and rejuvenation come first.

Colors: Neutral colors continue to be popular as they create a relaxing and restful environment, although it’s not uncommon to see one wall with an accent color. Choose from an assortment of earthy tones or opt for a few eye-catching contrast shades to add the perfect splash color.

Unity With Nature: Environmental friendliness and minimalism are a particularly important trend. Natural materials, living plants, stone, wood, daylight – all of these are all elements that support the nature theme that has become increasing popular in the bedroom design.

The interior design experience can be embraced with confidence. As was mentioned above, many builders work with designers giving you plenty of assistance and support as you work through the design process. A good designer will give you realistic expectations, helping you balance your goals with your budget. Bring them your ideas, inspiration, and wish list and they’ll use their knowledge and expertise to help actualize your dream vision at a cost that works for you.

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