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Spring Flowers at Diamond Tail

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Claret Cups offer a vibrant splash of red to the desert landscape

While walking around the Diamond Tail community this spring, I have seen the most beautiful flowers! Most are small and delicate but they exude vibrant colors that stand out boldly against the New Mexico landscape. Claret Cup Cactus flowers are a stunning deep reddish orange. The violet flowers are a type of Phlox. The yellow flower bundle is a Shy Wallflower. The small red flare flower is a type of Paintbrush. And - the white flowers are on the Apache Plume.

As reported by The Wildflowers of New Mexico website:

"New Mexico can boast 3,783 species of vascular plants (depending on who’s counting). As the fifth largest state in the nation, the Land of Enchantment is at the crossroads of the eight major ecoregions in North America. From the southern border with Texas and Mexico at 2,500 feet elevation, the Chihuahua Desert encompasses the southern counties and stretches along the Rio Grande rift almost to Albuquerque. In the western half of the state, the Arizona/New Mexico Mountains and Plateaus, and several isolated mountain “islands” surrounded by the desert, harbor unique species of plants.

To the north, 12,000-foot mountains reach into the alpine zone with vegetation communities from the Southern Rockies. To the east, we encounter extensions of the Great Plains shortgrass prairies and the Llano Estacado of the High Plains, and to the west the Colorado Plateau edges into the Four Corners. From desert scrub and prairie grasslands to vast lava fields , volcanic plateaus and peaks, eroded badlands, sculpted canyons, shrubby foothills, and uplifted mountain ridges, every corner of New Mexico hosts micro-habitats with amazing plant life."

Now is a great time to tour the Diamond Tail community! The temperatures are in the mid-70's with a soft breeze. The skies are bright blue with occasional white puffy clouds. It's incredibly peaceful and serene. Call the Sales Office at (505) 492-2015 to schedule your private tour.


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