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Join me on a photo stroll through Diamond Tail...

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I often tell people, "You must visit Diamond Tail in order to understand the beauty of this area, and how special this land and community really are!" I still believe that, but if you haven't yet had time and would like the next best way to see it, join me as I guide you on a photo stroll.

We'll start at the roundabout, go through the front gate, pass by a few homes, see some activities, walk on the private trails, go to Shooting Star park, see the wildflowers and vegetation, look at the wildlife, see views from outdoor patios, walk on a few home sites, and then enjoy the evening glow, sunset, and star-filled night sky. ~ ENJOY!

Welcome to Diamond Tail - a Private Gated Community in the desirable town of Placitas, NM. Our roundabout and entry way on the west side of the property boasts a secure, automated gate, cameras, and a motion-detector lighting system. The mailboxes are conveniently located just inside the community making it easy to walk over and pick up your mail.

Homes at Diamond Tail...

Diamond Tail allows a variety of architectural styles, including Pueblo, Northern New Mexico, Territorial, and Southwest Contemporary. Lot owners choose the custom home design and builder that best aligns with their vision. Talk with the Diamond Tail sales office for a list of preferred architects and builders.

Below are a few homes in our community. You can see that, while having varied designs, there is a continuity of using earth tones and styles that blend with the landscape and preserve the natural views.

Trails at DT...

You don't have to go far to enjoy being active in nature, as there are five, well-designed hiking trails that meander through the vast, open space in this master-planned community.

One of the trails is aptly named Sunrise Trail since it is the perfect hike to enjoy the sunrise. Montezuma Trail trailhead is within walking distance and offers a birds-eye view of the Diamond Tail community. Farther up and around the western bend, you'll see big views of Placitas and beyond.

Whether it is bicycling, hiking, a casual walk with your pup, a picnic, a night stroll... the land's beauty accommodates the activity. Take in the beautiful 360-degree views of the surrounding mountain ranges, enjoying the wildflowers and wildlife.

Star Park...

Picnic tables and benches for a meeting place, a family lunch, or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening with your loved one. Named for the perfect viewing of majestic, starry-night skies, Star Park, also known as the "Shooting Star Corral", has low-voltage outlets for your telescope to view the night sky.

Native Flowers and Vegetation...

Sunflowers, Coral bells, verbena, purple aster, a variety of cacti, Indian paintbrush, and many more flower species splash vibrant colors throughout the Diamond Tail.

Of course, there are also the pinon pines and juniper trees, the chamisa, cholla cactus, and the Russian sage plant that produce the most beautiful purple flowers in the summer. We even have a few New Mexico olive trees. Last summer there were quite a few 4 o'clock plants with bright, purple petals and deep green leaves that rooted around the property - really stunning. As the cool fall temperatures settled in, they dried up and disappeared, roots and all, just as quickly as they had appeared... a wonderful display of nature's cycles. Enjoy the flora samples in the photos below, or view more here.


Bunnies, jack rabbits, small foxes, tiny lizards, a large variety of birds including cute little humming birds are the most commonly seen local wildlife in Diamond Tail. We also have coyotes (heard at night but rarely seen during the day), occasional deer sightings, and a squirrel here and there.

Wild horses, although not allowed into the community, can be seen on the nearby hillsides as well as from some of the trails. The center photo below shows a small fox on the garden wall of a Diamond Tail patio, and the right shows a beautiful buck grazing on the tranquil hillside.

Outdoor Living...

Diamond Tail is all about outdoor living. The temperate year-round climates make it easy to enjoy the outdoors, whether being active in the community or just relaxing on your outdoor patio.


The home sites here at Diamond Tail have been carefully crafted to relate to the natural surroundings while enhancing privacy and scenic views. Each lot is between 1 to 5 acres, with the average size being 2.4 acres. No two lots are alike, each having its unique size, topography, and views.

Sunrise & Sunset...

The unique light and landscape of New Mexico has attracted artists for centuries. The air in Placitas is clean and dry, which is more efficient at scattering light than humid or dirty air. Sunrise and sunset are especially beautiful and sometimes feel like a work of art as they paint a combination of subtle and bold colors on the sky, clouds, and landscape. The morning and evening light are magical as it illuminates the mineral-rich red earth causing it to glow.

Night Sky...

"No Streetlights, Just Moonlight and Starlight", this photo was taken at Star Park. We have multiple owners who dabble in astral photography... and now you can see why!

Thank you for following along on this photo stroll through Diamond Tail - I hope you have enjoyed it! I invite you to contact us to schedule a personal tour of Diamond Tail.

Diamond Tail

(505) 492-2015

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